Hell Awaits... w1 - Full Set 6 minis

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  • Hell Awaits... w1 - Full Set 6 minis
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Wave 1 - Full set of 6 minis*
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Hell Awaits... Wave 1 - 28mm resin miniatures featuring the denizens of Hell in all their twisted, evil glory.

A new range of (mostly) Classic Historical Demons for you to summon into your homes.

Wave 1 - Full set of all 6 resin miniatures consists of:


Resin mini

Primed with a quick wash and dry brush

    Painted by G

Abraxas, the terrible one, a supremely powerful warrior Demon whose disparate parts represent wakefulness, articulate thought, prudence, wisdom and relentlessness. He has the ability to generate truth and falsehood, good and evil, light and darkness with the same word and in the same deed; the total package.

Not generally the most malevolent Demon in Hell, but potentially one of the most dangerous.


Resin mini

Primed with a quick wash and dry brush

Painted by Painting Knights

Upon entering Hell, all Souls are instantly remade in flesh. They have to be, this is Hell and Demons see it in their job to torture Souls. And whilst mental torture might be a thing, try telling that to a grinning Demon with a pair on pliers in hand. Inevitably most Demons end up getting a bit too carried away and this leads to a vast overabundance of dismembered limbs and severed heads. he souls can, of course, be remade in flesh an infinite amount of times, and they will be, but that still leaves a sea of limbs, torsos and heads. The torsos tend to be eaten by ravenous Demons, but most of the limbs and heads have historically been incinerated.

Nevertheless, mischievous Imps, bored with carting around countless body parts decided to start creating their own Demons behind Satan's back. Lacking imagination, they took their inspiration from Hell's guard dog, Cerberus, and they started stitching together random limbs in a rough hound-like shape and recreated the three heads by stitching together three severed human heads and connecting them to the 'body', and thus the Constructs were born. The constructed abominations were still lifeless, of course, the Imps don't possess any magical powers, so they still had to find a Demon, who didn't mind risking the wrath of Satan should he find out his Demon-creating power was being usurped, and convince them to reanimate the monstrosities. There was an obvious choice...


Resin mini

Primed with a quick wash and dry brush

Painted by Battleshield Painting Services

Renowned as being possibly the most hideous inhabitant of Hell (which as you can imagine, is no mean feat), Bifrons is without doubt a Hellish sight. Often mistaken as having two heads, surely from a distance, after all, who would want to get too close, this isn't the case; his single head has actually been split in two, to accommodate the emergence of a huge tentacle-like tongue, complete with large single eye, from within his mutilated, pain-racked body. A body from which an uncountable amount of other tentacles burst through the skin, leaving the vision of a mass of blood-soaked tentacles and ripped flesh.

Among the uses Bifrons has for these tentacles is an ability to dig deep within the ground for corpses which he moves and can manipulate and change in ways best not told to the human mind. Suffice to say, Bifrons was who the Imps dared ask to animate their stitched together abominations, and not fearing Satan's possible reprisals Bifrons was happy to go along with the plan and thus the Constructs were created, in a sense, Bifrons children.

Just for the record, Satan likes the little constructs running around, he finds them funny. There's a lot more laughter in Hell than you might automatically suspect, and not all of it is through gargled blood in the throat.


Resin mini

Primed with a quick wash and dry brush

Painted by Pictish Miniature Painting

Large, ugly, vicious bird/human hybrid creatures, Harpies are the vultures of Hell and just like vultures, they hang around Hell looking to feed. But unlike their Earthly counterparts, the Harpies in Hell don't just wait for scraps or carrion, they actively attack any human flesh they find. Not very powerful as far as Demons go, but they are nasty, annoying, relentless pests it's best to steer clear of if at all possible.


Resin mini

Primed with a quick wash and dry brush

Painted by Battleshield Painting Services

Xezbeth is a renowned Demon of lies and legends, who revels in inventing untrue tales. Her name in Arabic is Al-Kathab, "The Liar" and her power and convincing deceit is such that it is impossible to count the number of her deluded disciples.

Throughout human history Xezbeth, the Queen of Corruption, has almost always positioned herself in a powerful political position, not always at the very forefront of politics, but always in a position to wield influence, and usually in the form of a small, dumpy woman to try and elicit sympathy and give an impression that she's not as dangerous as she truly is. And whilst this always fools millions of gullible people, Xezbeth is such a diabolical being of pure evil that even being the expert deceiver she is, she still can't fool everyone and is always easy to spot, if only you allow yourself to see her as she really is.

Whilst in Hell, Xezbeth fully indulges her obsessive, unstoppable lust for power by devouring all Souls she can find. Her hunger and desire is so insatiable and she devours at such an exponential rate, impressions of a multitude of Souls can always be seen pushing through the skin of her bloated stomach, as if bustling for room, or perhaps even still trying to escape before being fully absorbed into the Demon's mass.

Indeed, it's perhaps testament that in a World full of scheming, backstabbing, traitorous Demons, Xezbeth's sheer unabated lust for power is such that even Satan himself takes care and watches over his shoulder that little bit more than usual when he senses she's near.


As it comes in resin

Primed with a quick wash and dry brush

Painted by Goldfish of Justice

Worshipped in Ancient times as a fertility Deity, the oft misunderstood Fish-God Dagon has a long association with food and sacrifice. In Hell, Dagon is known as the baker of Hell, although it's not baking as we know it and despite not sounding very sinister, when we delve further into his cooking activities the truth is revealed.

He uses the ground up bones of the dead for his flour, their blood to warm the yeast and their eyes to decorate his creations. He gathers the knowledge of men through their brains and adds it into his baked goods to feed to all the denizens of Hell who can stomach it.

Not a very nice Demon, his one weakness is for a certain book he's bound to, the Necro...

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